hey tumblr - it has been a long long time. but I’m back. for real this time - grad school has a way of eating up your entire life. and I have grown sick of most social networking sites at this point - at least this one is filled with pretty pictures! onwards. 

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"You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot - it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive." - Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou. You may be gone from this Earth, but your words will always be remembered..<3


Kenneth Branagh directs John Gielgud on the set of Hamlet.
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Happy Birthday William Horatio Powell | July 29th, 1892 March 5th, 1984

Powell’s intelligence and authenticity always shone through. His films merit a new look from new generations because, contrary to what one can expect from his “suave” and “sophisticated” image, he brought a dose of reality and humanity to every movie. No matter how outlandish or posh or melodramatic the setting, Powell found the human touch. Sometimes it was through a witty remark, other times through an emotion passing across his face. Often it was through his large, expressive eyes or his wonderful, well-modulated voice.

Bill Powell is the only intellegent actor I’ve ever met. | Carole Lombard

I never enjoyed my work more than when I worked with William Powell. He was a brilliant actor, a delightful companion, a great friend and above all, a true gentleman. | Myrna Loy


Ludwig Becker, Watercolor Of A Meteor, 1860
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September 1927 Fashion by christine592 on Flickr.
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Luncheon under the Tent, Claude Monet - oil painting reproduction
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Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French, 1725-1805), Portrait of a Young Man in a Hat, 1750s. Oil on canvas, 61 x 50 cm.
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 Cecil Beaton with his nanny Alice (‘Ninnie’) Collard
by Unknown photographervintage bromide print, circa 1908
from National Portrait Gallery
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ORIGINAL PHOTO CAPTION:  Grandmother, age 16 (detail) (by futurowoman)
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Greta Garbo, 1931, photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull
"Greta Garbo is sad. Not only in certain situations, for certain reasons. Greta Garbo’s beauty is beauty of suffering; she suffers life and all the surrounding world… . Greta Garbo’s beauty is a beauty which is in opposition to the world of today"  - Bela Balázs
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